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They shoot two subjects from a car in Ecatepec

A 37-year-old man was shot to death and another 32-year-old was injured, when they were shot by three subjects who shot at them with firearms from a moving car, when they were leaving their home aboard a van.

Once the attack was completed, the alleged assailants sped up a car to flee.

The events that cost the life of who was identified as Cristian “N” and who was injured, Bryan “N”, were recorded minutes before 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday, in front of the address located on Calle Gobernador Rafael Zepeda, in the Granjas Valle de Guadalupe neighborhood, in this municipality.

Police authorities reported that according to the versions given by the deceased’s wife, her husband and the injured man were leaving the house, aboard a blue Courier-type truck, when they were surprised by 3 subjects traveling in a Nissan, type versa, same as they took out firearms to shoot them repeatedly.

As a result of the multiple shots he received, the woman said, her husband fell very seriously in the street, while Bryan was injured with a bullet in the hip in the patio of the house, for which they requested the help of an ambulance. , although when paramedics from the Red Cross arrived, her husband had already died, while Bryan was taken to a hospital in the area to receive the necessary medical attention.

Investigative police reported that although Bryan assured that he did not know the reasons why he and Cristian were attacked with bullets, because according to what he said, they were not in trouble or have enemies, the investigative police considered that both subjects were in bad steps and that they were attacked in revenge; However, they said, it will be the investigations that are already being carried out that will determine what the motive for the crime was and who was responsible for searching for and arresting them and thereby solving this case.

Meanwhile, while the police work continues, the agent of the Public Ministry for these events initiated the corresponding investigation folder for the crimes of homicide, injuries and whatever results against whoever is responsible.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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