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They stab a young man in Neza

So far no people have been reported arrested for this act; the victim was identified as Kevin Brandon “N”

A 35-year-old man was stabbed to death. a few meters from the flea market located on Calle 7, Colonia Juárez Pantitlán in this municipality of the State of Mexico. So far, no arrests have been reported for this incident.

And it is that the first reports revealed that the victim identified as Kevin Brandon “N”, walked between the stalls of the trail when out of nowhere his executioner came out of hiding, and without saying a word, stabbed him directly in the neck and then fled at full speed and got lost among the locals.

Afraid, Kevin put his hands to the wound to keep from bleeding to death. and ran as fast as possible in the direction of his home, which is located on Calle 17 almost at the corner of Callejón Texcoco, where he finally collapsed.

A neighbor who was leaving his house and saw him lying in a pool of blood notified his sister, Kelly “N”, who called 911, municipal police from Nezahualcóyotl and paramedics arrived at the scene to provide first aid, but after a prompt review they could only confirm the absence of vital signs.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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