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They torture a man and leave him with the coup de grâce in Edomex

The expert opinions of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office reveal that the man found murdered in the back seats of a vehicle, on Wednesday afternoon, in this municipality, he was martyred and later executed with a bullet to the head and one in the chest.

Given such evidence, the FGJEM did not rule out that this man may have been executed in revenge, so the police work carried out by elements of the investigative police continues, in order to clarify this crime and achieve the identification and capture of the person(s). suspected murderers.

The agency said that the body of this man remains unknown within the Semefo facilities of the local justice center, as far as it is expected that in the next hours a family member, friend or acquaintance of the deceased is present to identify himas this would greatly help the investigative work that is already being carried out to clarify this crime.

Investigative police pointed out that because the deceased is unknown, it has not been possible to advance in the police work, since there is no data or information on the deceased.

For this reason, they explained, it is important that it be identified, because only in this way would it be possible to know his social environment and what he was doing and with these data much progress would be made in the investigative work and there would be many possibilities to clarify this crime, because as long as this does not happen, they said, “it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

The body of this man was found on Wednesday afternoon, in the back seats of a Hyundai Grand-10 type car abandoned in the parking lot of an Aurrerra store, located on Real de Arzobispado street, in the Real de Costitlán neighborhood.

The now deceased was wrapped in a sheet and He had a bullet to the head and another to the chest. apparently from a .9 millimeter caliber pistol.

The FGJEM reported that in an attempt to clarify this crime and achieve the identification and capture of those responsible, it continues with its investigations and now it is only expected that the agency really complies, because of the bad results and the more than 8 murders that are committed daily in the State of Mexicohave turned it into a land without law and high impunity.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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