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Thieves in Tecámac burned a man and his children to steal their cars, they said it was the CJNG, they have already been arrested – .

A man and his two children were burned inside a house in the municipality of Tecamac.

The responsible for the murder of three members of a familyincluding a minor, occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, October 24, inside a house located on Membrillos streetin the Ojo de Agua subdivisionOf the municipality of Tecamac, They were arrested by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).

The field and office investigations showed that Christopher Jair and Luis Arturo “N”, aged 22 and 29, were posing as car buyers.

That is why for days they established communication with the Mr. Jorge “N”, because he was selling a car.

In this way they gained the man’s trust and finally agreed to meet Monday night October 23 inside the victim’s home.

Inside the property, the subjects pretended that they would close the deal and moments later threatened the 50-year-old head of the family, his 25-year-old daughter and the 14-year-old boy.

Later they were murdered, the teenager’s body was lying in the hallway on the second floor of the house, while his sister was deprived of life in the bathroom.

They also killed the father in the room and later they set fire to the body, a situation that caused it to burn as well as that of their children.

Once the crime was completed, the alleged criminals stole a sedan-type vehicle and a van. They also took various belongings of the deceased, including a cell phone with which they were sending whatsapp messages to Jorge’s contactswhere they indicated that he had contracted a debt with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) Y threatened to harm anyone who provided information to the authorities.

The Mexican Prosecutor’s Office initiated investigations into these events and Investigative Police Agents (PDI), went to the crime zone to collect testimonies and video recordings, which revealed the identity of the men.

In the days that followed, those involved They were using the stolen vehicles without any concern and on various occasions the road arches of the C5 of the State of Mexicodetected their passage and that alerted the monitors, who in turn reported the events to the corresponding authorities.

Due to the above elements of the Homicide Prosecutor of the Valley of Mexico they implemented an operation and achieved the arrest of Christopher Jair “N”.

In another effective action of the Ecatepec Regional Prosecutor’s Office deployed and captured a Luis Arturo “N.

They also secured the two vehicles that had been stolen.

The couple was left at the disposal of the agent of the Public Ministry, who will integrate the corresponding investigation folder to be able to transfer them to a Social Reintegration Center.

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