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This is how a policeman confronted thieves outside the Metrópoli Patriotismo shopping mall in CDMX, he shot down one, and wounded the other – .

A video of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City shows the moment when an element of the corporation shot down a criminal and arrested another after an attempted assault on the Metrópoli Patriotismo shopping mall.

In the video barely 32 seconds long, it can be seen that two subjects run in the direction of Río Becerraon the back of the commercial plaza located in the Benito Juárez city hallwhen an SSC policeman points and shootswounding the assailants.

The other thief keep running and heads towards the entrance of the shopping center parking lot, however, realizing that his accomplice is no longer following him and that he himself is wounded, he stops, puts an object between his clothes, puts his hands up and returns to lie face down close to his partner, who turns on the floor.

Last Monday, a shooting in the vicinity of the Metrópoli Patriotismo shopping mall Located on the border of the Napoles and San Pedro de Los Pinos neighborhoods, it left a balance of one dead person, one injured suspect and one injured police officer.

The shooting was recorded after capital police responded to an emergency call for an attempted assault on a person who had withdrawn cash from a bank.

When the alleged assailants were discovered, they fired at the local police officers, who repelled the attack. The policeman who activated his weapon was wounded, according to the official report.

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