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This is how armed groups clashed in San Luis Rio Colorado; Sonora, there are four gunmen dead and one wounded – .

Report 4 assassins dead, one wounded and also 6 guns, vests, chargers, cartridges, drugY 3 vehicles insured with gunshot damage and blood stains

San Luis Rio Colorado, sound.- The Municipal Public Security Directorate reports on the violent events of this Thursday afternoon-night.

So far there is a report of four dead people, an injured6 firearms secured, 3 short and three longballistic vests and chargers, cartridges, drug bags and three insured vehicles for investigation.

This, product of confrontation between members of organized crime on 22nd Street between Libertad Avenue and Alley.

On the site there was a Toyota Four Runner wagondark color and recent model, and a kia soulalso dark color and recent model, both with multiple bullet wounds.

On the right side and on the floor, between the tires and the trim, there were two Sicarios without vital signs.

A few meters away and on the sidewalk was a third lifeless, and in the alleya fourth gunman with gunshot wounds.

next to the corpses and inside the runner They were three automatic pistols and three assault rifles.

Also two ballistic vests, bags of drugs, hundreds of cartridges and a dozen chargers.

Within a few moments, residents of Calle 39 and Mexico Avenue reported a lifeless person with firearm impacts.

Near the site, an abandoned Toyota van, recent modeldark color and of the Highlander line, with firearm impacts and blood stains on the rear seat.

The vehicles, weapons and ballistic supplies, drugs, cartridges and chargers, as well as the identity of the dead and wounded, were taken care of by the State Attorney General’s Office and the AMIC.

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