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This is how the group called “Guardia Guerrerense” burns a tortilla shop for not paying the fee in Zihuatanejo – .

Zihuatanejo, Warrior.- The businesses that do not pay the fee or floor right in Zihuatanejo, are set on fire in retaliation by the group called Guerrerense Guard who are dedicated to extortion on the Great Coast region.

A video recorded on November 10 is circulating on social networks, in which a subject entering a tortilla shop with a backpack While a woman continues at the counter, the man is seen taking something out of his backpack, turning it on to later throw a bottle into the machinery and then run away.

At least two tortilla fires were perpetrated in recent weeks in the demarcation. On November 9, local media reported that armed individuals sprayed gasoline and set fire to a tortilla shop in the El Limon neighborhood.

The tortilla shops are added to the increasingly long list of businesses in Zihuatanejo that are affected by this crime, including convenience stores, carrier organizations, gas stations and building materials stores.

In July the transport service was interrupted by the burning of units and the execution of drivers in the demarcation. Two months later it turned out that 18 oxxo stores They closed their doors due to the extortion of which their workers are victims and the violent acts for which a person was injured on September 18.

Regarding extortion, the municipal president of Zihuatanejo, Jorge Sánchez Allec, has reiterated on various occasions that he works in coordination with state and federal forces to combat the problem; while the governor of the entity reiterates at every opportunity the reinforcement of security in the municipalities of the so-called Triangle of the Sun.

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