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Tijuana police arrested a merchant, picked him up. they burned him and stole 43 thousand dollars – .

Two agents of the Tijuana Municipal Police, They were arrested and chargedfor him kidnapping of a merchant who was burned after stealing 43 thousand dollars. The State Prosecutor’s Office found thousands of dollars more in searches, which would be from other victims.

According to fiscal state Ricardo Carpio Sanchezon September 1 last agents Martin Trinidad and Esteban Heriberto they stopped the driver of a Grand Cherokee truck, identified as Jose Alberto Cantero Ramireza 40-year-old merchant.

The man stopped at Calle 16 in the Libertad neighborhood, where they searched him and his unit, and then illegally detained him and put him on a patrol car, which was the last time he was heard from.

“(Actually) they put the handcuffs on him and he is, illegally, deprived of his libertyis conducted within the patrol unit, which instead of engaging in this type of behavior, should be doing what is necessary to care for and protect others,” said the Prosecutor.

The next day, at dawn, in the Colonia Libertad, a burned body was located According to witnesses, he was left there by two men in blue clothing, although until then the identity of the victim was unknown.

On September 2, an investigation folder was started for the disappearance of the businessman and on September 11 His truck was located on Calle Mar de Bengala, in Colonia Alemán.

Videos obtained from security cameras allowed to know that the agents deprived the businessman of his liberty, they put him on their patrol Y they took his life, stealing 43 thousand dollars that he had in his truckwhich were for the payment of one of his creditors.

The arrest was never reported by the uniformed officers, who in their logbook said that their patrol yielded “uneventful” results.

He added that “Unfortunately this Friday the results of genetic samples determine that there is a correspondence (of Cantero’s DNA) with a lifeless body located a day after the deprivation at 6 in the morning in the vicinity of Colonia Libertad”, he mentioned. at a press conference.

A search of agents’ homesallowed the find of between 44 and 45 thousand dollarsmore than what was obtained from the businessman, also securing a firearm.

The uniformed could face more than 70 years in prison. “Arrest warrants were obtained for the forced disappearance of people against whom we now know are two members of the municipal police, Martín Trinidad and Esteban Heriberto,” he specified.

On September 27, both policemen were linked to the process, the Control Judge granted four months to conclude the investigation, they were also held in preventive detention.

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