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Tiktoker Karla Pardini is shot dead in Sinaloa

Prior to the armed attack, Karla Pardini He left his house after receiving a call on his cell phone in Sinaloa.

According to local media, the murder of the tiktoker occurred this September 20 at the intersection of Professors and Ignacio Lopez Rayonright on the edge of the colony White land, CuliacanSinaloa.

Karla lived in the Paseo Alameda subdivision, of the Tres Ríos urban development.

The Attorney General of the State of Sinaloa (FGE) reported that Pardini’s mother said that her daughter left her house to go to Catedrático Street after receiving a phone call.

Upon leaving, the young tiktoker received several bullet wounds from alleged armed individuals according to reports from witnesses who saw the event.

Sara Buna Quiñonez, head of the FGE of Sinaloa, said that they began the investigations in the form of femicide.

“We registered it as a femicide because she was exposed and was defenseless when the attack took place.”

It should be noted that it emerged on social networks that the attack could be due to a conflict between the tiktoker and another person, the prosecutor said she was aware of this but did not give more details:

“We have everything reserved, we are doing the investigation following the utmost secrecy so as not to alert the possible or possible suspect,” said the prosecutor at a press conference from C4.

Finally, the relatives received the body of Karla Pardini, which will be buried in the Jardines de Humaya pantheon in Culiacán.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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