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Trailer killed almost the entire family, only the cat and a minor survived

A truck was smashed to pieces. when crashing into a trailer on Highway 57, at the height of the Guanajuato municipality of San Luis de la Paz. Six of the occupants of it died. Two minors were rescued, as well as a cat.

The events occurred around 9 in the morning this Sunday, at kilometer 94, when apparently the driver of the trailer tried to cross the road, and the driver of the sand-colored SUV was unable to avoid him, remaining embedded in the box of the heavy vehicle.3

The family, apparently originally from Coahuila, carried several coconuts. The occupants were crushed to death in the lane that leads from Querétaro to San Luis Potosí, and the road was closed for at least 3 hours.

Municipal and state firefighters and rescuers had to use hydraulic tools and saws to recover the bodies, the injured minors and also the domestic cat.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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