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Two people are shot to death in Xalapa, Veracruz

Two men were shot to death in a workshop in the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood, municipality of Xalapa; personnel from the Public Ministry became aware of the deaths.

The event was recorded on Monday morning, when residents of Poniente 8 street heard detonations of a firearm.

Due to the above, the witnesses requested help from the 911 emergency number, where support was channeled to elements of the State and Municipal Police and paramedical personnel.

After the arrival of the uniformed men, they found a lifeless man, who had several bullet wounds, outside a welding workshop.

Similarly, another subject was helped at the scene, who allegedly shot the first, but was found still alive, so he was taken to a hospital where he died minutes later.

One version indicated that there was a fight between the two subjects, for which the perpetrator managed to kill the victim on the spot, but when fleeing, he would have slipped, thus causing a head injury, which later cost him his life.

Another version indicated that both were attacked with bullets and one managed to run but was also badly injured, dying minutes later.

The area was cordoned off and the presence of the Public Ministry was required, who minutes later learned of the deaths.

Subsequently, the authority ordered the removal and transfer of the bodies to the Forensic Medical Service, where both people are expected to be identified.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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