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Two people carrying more than 2 million are arrested in Matamoros

Elements of the National Guard (GN), in coordination with personnel from the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), arrested two people who tried to enter the country with fifteen hundred dollars in checks and $108,951 in cash, equivalent to more than two million pesos, without declaring them to the treasury authority.

The events were recorded during the previous inspection of the crew members of a private vehicle with a license plate from the state of Texas, USA, which corresponded to the red light of the reconnaissance traffic light, in the tactical center called Lucio Blanco-Los Indios. Customs section of the international bridge. , free trade, in the municipality of Matamoros. Elements of both branches carried out a thorough inspection of the car and in the back seat of the passenger they found a plastic bag containing bills of different denominations, for a total of 108,951 US dollars.

Between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat they also placed a briefcase with two checks worth $750 each; with a total of more than two million pesos, between effects and checks, without making the declaration to the Tax Agency; For this the two people were arrested.

The detainees were read the Booklet of Rights that Assist People in Detention, they were registered in the National Registry of Detentions and they were made available to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in the entity to continue the corresponding investigations. .

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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