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UATx veterinary student dies in Huamantla

One of the first lines of investigation reports that apparently the young man identified by the name of Yahir C., 20 years old, resisted an assault; however, some personal quarrel is not ruled out either.

Due to this new intentional homicide that occurred around 08:00 hours in the vicinity of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in El Carmen Xalpatlahuaya, the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) is already aware of it.

Paramedics from the Red Cross were informed that on one side of the railway tracks and in the vicinity of the UATx facilities, a student was injured by a firearm projectile, so they immediately mobilized, as did elements of the Huamantla Public Security Directorate and the Citizen Security Secretariat.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Emergency Medical Technicians ruled out that the student had been injured by a weapon; however, he did have severe blows to the head caused by a fixed object, apparently blows.

The first versions refer that two males wearing red and black clothes were struggling with a student and that when he tried to escape and run towards farmland, he was hit and beaten.

Companions of the injured young man came to the scene and asked for the support of the emergency services, and so Yahir C. was transferred aboard the Tlax-476 ambulance to the IMSS Bienestar General Hospital in Huamantla, where at 10:00 a.m. he was declared lifeless, derived from the serious injuries he received.

The Forensic Medical Service is currently executing the procedure to remove the body to transfer it to the amphitheater, where the necropsy of law will be performed and where family members are expected to come to make the legal recognition.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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