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United Cartels threaten residents of Nuevo Parangaricutiro and Tancítaro; Michoacán with massacring them – .

criminal groups operating in the municipality of Uruapanhave launched several intimidating messages through social networks, challenging themselves to confront and threatening the population of the region with a massacrefor his alleged support of certain organized crime groups.

On Monday afternoon, WhatsApp messages attributed to Viagras and the Knights Templar -associated in united posters-, threatening the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and his regional leader nicknamed “the panther”.

Likewise, threatened the population of the municipalities of Nuevo Parangaricutiro and Tancítarofor his alleged support for the CJNG.

“(People) de San Juan (Parangaricutiro) and Tancitaro that we catch at the checkpoints that we are going to do with the Michoacán Police (…) they are going to hand them over to us to investigate them”, reads the message. united posters warns that if people from the aforementioned municipalities are detected in the demarcations of Apatzingan, Uruapan, The Kings, Periban, Tinguindin, Morelia, New Italy and Buena Vista“we are not going to release them until they are well investigated.”

“The war started Panterwe are coming for you and your ball of filthy currents”, reads another message, in which the population of “San Juan Nuevo, Uruapan and surrounding villages” are urged not to leave their homes.

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