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Update: My Older Sister 27f ruined our relationship and my family wants me 24f to get over it


Hey y’all, sorry for the really long update.

So I went the route of trying to talk to her (I know). I went home back in August and she left for her apt to pack up because she was moving back in with our parents. Which was pretty uneventful to report. I ended up staying this past weekend at my parents. We exchanged pleasantries and she left the house not to be seen up until I was packing up to leave. So…nothing to update. Ended up taking my parents advice and getting over it. And for those wondering why I still coming around, my grandpa lives there. And I love him to death.

For anyone wondering about my car. She’s still my little engine 🥲 Also thank you to the people that pointed out how much my bill was. I definitely thought it was too much but I didn’t know enough about cars to be taken seriously. I ended up getting the bill reduced, so thank you to the car bros that helped via DMs.

For the people that suggested I got LC with my family, y’all won. I’ve tried it and I like it much better this way. I wish I did it sooner. My mental health has genuinely never been better. And I still get to see my grandpa 🙂

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  1. I remember your original post, LC with the fam and sister is a good compromise tbh

    You handled this well op, be proud and keep it up

    I am curious how your family are reacting to the LC tho

  2. Your older woman-child of a sister is so immature and petty. She didn’t completely ignore you but showed up just enough to make her presence known hoping you would pursue her like she’s done prize worth pursuing. Poor girl moving back in with mommy and daddy at nearly 30 because she wasn’t capable of wearing big girl pants. Onward and upward. Focus on people that make you feel healthy and happy and the best version of yourself!

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