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😨 Video- 130 deaths are reported in Indonesia due to riots in a football match

Following riots at the Kanjuruhan stadium over a soccer match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya, at least 130 people have died in Indonesia. The security forces responded to the situation with the use of tear gas. The Chief Inspector General of the East Java Police, Nico Afinta, explained that the protests were generated after the defeat of Arema FC against the opponent. The fans of the losing team jumped onto the playing field with the intention of demanding explanations for the result.

The inspector also said that the security guards took preventive and diversionary measures so that “the chaos would not escalate,” which has included the use of tear gas.

According to local media, at the moment the death of 130 people and another 180 injured have been confirmed.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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