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Video.- CDMX police agent attacks a boy who was skating in Los Pinos

The events occurred in the vicinity of the Los Pinos cultural complex, when some young people were skateboarding, in the video it is observed when the police officer of the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) tries to arrest one of the young people.

The video was uploaded through the TikTok platform, it already has more than three million views and almost 700 thousand reactions.

In the recording file, it is observed how the police element slowly approaches the place where the young man was skating and when he is close enough he begins to run to catch him and threaten to “present” him. “So it can be removed, skinny”, the uniformed man is heard saying that he has the young man restrained and that after a few jerks the skater ends up lying on the floor while the uniformed man demands that he erase the recording.

However, in said video it can be seen how someone approaches to defend the young man and interferes between him and the policeman to help him get up, while a pre-Hispanic dance group told the SSC element to leave him alone. Faced with the complaints of those present, the policeman said: “I asked him for the good”, to which others denied said statement because they claimed to witness what happened.

Police officer identified assailant

In this regard, the Secretary of Citizen Security of the CDMX commented that “the element of the Auxiliary Police that appears in this video was already identified and called to testify before the Auxiliary Police Inspection area; In addition, the corresponding investigation folder has already been initiated for these events.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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