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Video. Doctors overwhelmed when treating 110 girls and boys drugged with cocaine in Chiapas

On this Friday night, 110 minors from the Juana de Asbaje secondary school, in Bochil, Chiapas, were intoxicated with cocaine, which was allegedly supplied to them within the basic education campus.

In Azucena at 10, different videos circulating on social networks were presented, where you can see some of the unconscious children, waiting for medical attention.

According to local reports, the Rural Hospital of Bochil IMSS, where the minors were transferred, does not have enough staff to care for the children, so currently some are still waiting to be checked.

The testimonies confirm that the students began to feel bad after eating in the cafeteria; while others say that the whole group got intoxicated by drinking water from the jug; and others mention that they ate chocolate cakes allegedly made with marijuana.

Neither the educational authorities nor the health authorities have reported anything in this regard, despite the fact that attention is urgently needed.

Medical reports that were sent by parents show that minors tested positive for cocaine fragments, which were allegedly ingested in high school.

For this reason, the parents are alarmed and asked the school authorities for an explanation, to find out how the drug got to the school.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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