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Video.- Explosion of fireworks in EdoMéx leaves several injured

During the explosion, at least two bulls were burned that reached several people with the fire, both were knocked down on the ground.

Meanwhile, other people fled the square in fear that the explosion could spread to the rest of the pyrotechnics, as seen in the videos that circulated on social networks.

The municipal Civil Protection paramedics who were at the scene were the first responders, but then ambulances from the Emergency Service of the State of Mexico (SUEM) had to arrive, who helped transfer more injured to Toluca.

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Via his official social networks, the mayor of Santiago Tianguistenco, Diego Moreno Valle, reported that since Saturday night contact was made with the families of the injured to provide them with support.

“Given the unfortunate events that occurred in the Villa de San Nicolás Coatepec, the state and municipal medical care and civil protection agencies have provided immediate attention to those affected.

We are generating the necessary actions to maintain communication and support with the families of the injured people, a respectful call is made to all citizens to remain calm at this time that requires responsibility, prudence and collaboration from all and all, “Moreno reported in a short statement.

Likewise, he asked to avoid spreading false information, because in some publications of neighbors made on social networks, it was spread that there were deceased people.

In this regard, the mayor clarified that there are only injured people, who are already being treated.

“So far there are reports of injuries that are already being treated in different hospitals in the region and of whom we will be attentive at all times. We carefully request not to spread false news or information not communicated by official sources,” added the municipal authority in its statement.

During the early hours of this Sunday, the mayor, together with part of the council, went to the Mariano Matamoros hospital in Xalatlaco, Nicolás San Juan and Adolfo López Mateos in the city of Toluca, to make contact with relatives of the people injured in the explosion of pyrotechnics in San Nicolás Coatepec, to whom he gave mattresses and blankets while they wait for medical attention from their relatives.

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