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Video- Game collapses at Expo Feria de Guerrero at least 25 injured

At least 25 people were injured when a mechanical game that operated at the Teloloapan regional fair in Guerrero collapsed.

According to the authorities, the events were recorded around 9:50 p.m. this Saturday at the facilities of the Expo Feria Teloloapan 2022, when the mechanical game called “flying swing” fell apart, causing injuries to the 25 people who were on board.

Different emergency bodies were immediately mobilized in the northern region of Guerrero to support the authorities of the municipality of Teloloapan, with the transfer of the 25 injured people to different hospitals in that town, as well as in Iguala.

According to the final report, two injured were transferred to the Royal Kare Private Hospital and one more to the General Hospital of Iguala, while the other 22 injured were reported with blows to different parts of the body and were treated in private clinics and the Community Hospital. of Teloloapan.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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