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Video.- Ministerial agent lynched in Hidalgo

An agent of the Investigative Police of the state of Hidalgo died after being hospitalized for attacks at the hands of residents of Santa María Asunción in Tulancingo, where he had gone to comply with an arrest warrant.

Santiago Nieto Castillo, being in charge of the Office of the Attorney General announced the death of Sergio Saavedra Torres, he said he would have lost his life in the line of duty.

Through his networks, Santiago Nieto highlighted, “I am saddened by the death of our fellow agent from the Investigation Division, Sergio Saavedra Torres, attacked by a group of people in Santa María Asunción, Tulancingo de Bravo, in the line of duty.”

The agent was going to carry out an arrest warrant

According to reports, the victim had gone together with a colleague to fulfill an arrest warrant, however the residents gathered at the scene and prevented the arrest.

Through physical and verbal aggression they threatened to lynch them so they began to beat him, one of them managed to escape and ask for help, however his partner was seriously injured.

Elements of the rescue forces and paramedics managed to enter the community, where they provided medical assistance to the agent who had to be hospitalized urgently due to the severity of his injuries.

As a result of the blows this day he lost his life.

So far no person has been detained in this case, nor has the reason for the arrest warrant been disclosed, which remains unexecuted.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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