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Video. Minor dies in Veracruz by accident in a “Razer”

In Poza Rica, Veracruz, a minor died after an accident aboard a ‘razer’ type vehicle.

According to reports, the events were recorded on Tuesday night in the streets of the Petromex neighborhood.

According to reports, several teenagers were driving the off-road vehicle until they lost control on Pascual Ortiz Rubio street.

A video broadcast on social networks shows the moment in which the ‘razer’ jumps, apparently from a stop, and makes several turns of the bell.

Due to this fact, a young woman identified as Amelia, 16, died at the scene, while the driver, identified as Regina V, of the same age, was taken to a hospital.

Municipal and ministerial agents appeared at the site, the latter collected the first inquiries and ordered the removal of the body for its transfer to the morgue.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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