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Video.- Mototaxis hit car in Chicoloapan

Last Tuesday, in Chicoloapan, EdoMéx, a young man was attacked by alleged motorcycle taxi drivers, subjects who destroyed his vehicle.

The images broadcast by different spectators who were in the place, shows the exact moment in which people hit the car on the windshield, windows and headlights to top it off.

According to the testimony of Marco Antonio Gómez, a victim of this attack and who was circulating on Piedras Negras street, he mentioned that the authorities did not intervene despite being near the site and that the incident occurred when a motorcycle taxi driver got in the way.

“A motorcycle taxi driver got in and I managed to touch him a little and he got angry, he got so angry that he started kicking the car and a policeman came and I told him to see what was happening, that he was talking to my insurance, he simply told me that he outside and not to do anything because if they didn’t they were going to hit me,” Alanís told Itzel Cruz after the attack.

The driver threw the car to avoid the motorcycle taxi drivers but due to the traffic that was generated on the Mexico-Texcoco he was hit and hit.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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