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Video- Shooting in Orizaba, unleashes panic

On the afternoon of this Monday, September 12, there was a strong confrontation between criminals and police in the Centro neighborhood of Orizaba.

Elements of the Secretary of the Navy, Sedena, Civil Force, state and municipal police are displaced in the area, who are withdrawn before the aggression of criminals.

The bursts of shrapnel are heard from several blocks around, for which the perimeter comprised between South 11, South 13 and 15, with Colón East, East 2 and East 4, are closed to vehicular and pedestrian access.

Protected area families

Dozens of families are in distress due to the exchange of fire, and others remain on the lookout to get out of the risk area.

Due to these events, the road in the city collapsed and until now the police deployment remained in the aforementioned perimeter.

It is still unknown how the confrontation originated, however, it was known that police elements had met the criminal group and were attacked with bullets near a house, where they are currently surrounded.

“When going to the emergency site, security forces were attacked by armed people from inside a home, for which actions are implemented to neutralize the alleged aggressors,” he spread through the official accounts of social networks.

The Secretary of Public Security announced that as a result of a report to the 911 emergency line on the detonation of a firearm registered in the downtown area of ​​the city of Orizaba, Code Red was activated.

The SSP stated that elements of the State Police, Semar, Sedena, National Guard and Municipal Police maintain actions “of deterrence and surveillance in this municipality.”

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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