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VIDEO Tortilleria explodes in Aguascalientes

The explosion left 12 people seriously burned, including children who were shopping at the tortilla shop.

The injured were transferred to four hospitals in the city of Aguascalientes, four of them marked in red with burns in 90% of the body surface.

The accident was caused by the explosion of a stationary tank on the roof of the facility. Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval lamented the fact. He said: “I regularly communicate with the competent authorities and monitor the health status of those affected by the accident.

It is observed how several cars begin to stop in the street while a man with a shirt and pants also stops and looks in the direction of where the premises are located,

Seconds later the explosion occurs, causing a cloud of fire that contracts immediately.

The video shows how the flames reach some trees that are in a ridge, which begin to catch fire.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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