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Video.- Torton runs out of brakes and runs over everything in his path

In San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco on Friday night a truck broke down in the braking system and destroyed everything in its path.

Videos of the events were released, and you can see the moment when the truck enters a pedestrian zone and several people run to avoid being run over.

One minor and at least five other people sustained minor injuries.

In the place there were food stalls and other products such as clothing and handicrafts, around 9 at night the heavy white unit arrived at the point.

The driver tried to run away, but meters ahead he was stopped and guarded by the police as several people tried to lynch him.

Later, the municipal president of San Juan de los Lagos, Alejandro de Anda, gave a press conference and explained that the authorities will investigate the case to determine responsibilities. He also detailed that there were no fatalities.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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