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Video. Tourist records his own death from an accident in Brazil

Dramatic fatal accident in Ceará, Brazil, where a 39-year-old tourist has died while recording himself on video on a zip line. His wife, who just moments had also used it, was at the other end also recording the moment from another perspective. The man, who fell suddenly hitting the ground, died on the way to the hospital; a new tragedy in Brazil, where some still mourn the recent death of influencer Lara Cleaver after a spectacular accident in which her sister, Dara, was also injured.

The victim has been identified as Sergio Murilo Lima de Santana, who was on vacation in the country and, on that fateful day, decided to get on an attraction consisting of a zip line that led from one point to another through some dunes. Smiling and already hanging high, the thirtysomething was recording the moment with a happy face when, suddenly, everything would change abruptly in a fatal twist of fate.

While his wife had used the same zip line moments before, successfully completing the journey from one side to the other, Sergio Murilo, when he seemed to be going half way, was the victim of fatality: the zip line cable expired, leaving the tourist in a free fall that caused it to violently impact the surface.

From the other side, the woman, who also captured the event on video, watched the accident in horror, immediately running in search of Murilo.

Although the man was urgently transferred to the hospital, the seriousness of his injuries was such that he did not even make it to the health center alive, dying on the way despite all the attempts of the toilets to revive him.

Now, a family lawyer, as reported by the Brazilian media Globo, has announced that they have filed a negligence complaint against the owner of the zip line. As they point out, the support beam collapsed during the descent, causing the fall that resulted in the death of the tourist.

“They were made of wood and were not well buried. Just on a shallow level of the arena. Therefore, they did not provide the necessary firmness for those who made the appeal, ”said the defense, which also stresses that Murilo would have asked the responsible team, before the descent, if it would support his weight. “Can it support my weight? Look, I weigh 160 kilos”, he would have asked, according to João Pedro Monteiro, the family’s lawyer, who has also denounced the lack of safety elements such as vests and helmets.

“It was precisely the cause of death: Sergio Murilo died of a head injury,” he explained, in statements collected by Globo.

After the event, the place, located exactly on the Canoa Quebrada beach, in the city of Aracati, in Ceará, has been closed.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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