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Videos | They kill a driver in Tlalpan

Four shots were fired at the driver of an application service in the Tlalpan mayor’s office

Neighbors alerted the authorities about a red vehicle that had firearm detonations, but when the emergency services arrived they found a man who was seriously injured and although they tried to revive him, they finally established that he did not have vital signs.

The events occurred in Ejidos de San Pedro Mártir, very close to the Mexico-Cuernavaca free highway, according to information provided by journalist Jorge Becerril.

The video that captured a house near the crime zone circulates on social networks, which captured the alleged culprits of the man’s death, who were running at full speed towards Clavel Norte street.

It is said that the events would have occurred on Calle del Rosal, where some passengers of the private transport tried to assault the driver,

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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