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Violent day in Acapulco, 4 dead reported

A woman and three men allegedly killed by suffocation caused by a turnstile, are the balance of two events of a violent day recorded yesterday in Acapulco.

The first crime was reported at 08:00 on the Acapulco-Mexico highway in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood. On Raymundo Olivar Salinas street, in the aforementioned demarcation, next to the building of the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM), the handcuffed bodies of a woman and two men were found.

Minutes later, the discovery of a fourth body wrapped in a petate on the asphalt of the Metlapil Highway, in the Diamante area of ​​the municipality, was reported. The victim was reported to be a man, who also had a tourniquet.

In both events the areas were cordoned off by soldiers. The bodies were taken as unknown to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo). Experts from the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero (FGE) arrived at the crime scenes.

The uptick in violence occurs amid changes within the FGE, including the resignation of the Vice Prosecutor for Investigation, Ramón Celaya Gamboa, who reported that he will hold a position in the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), in addition to changes in other areas, which will be occupied by the military.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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