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War Operation of the CJNG boasts its power in Mexquitic; San Luis Potosí, they are the same ones who chased a civilian who was recording them – .

In a video that circulates in social networks is appreciated a command that surrounds the main square of Mexquitic with vans with the initials of the OB Operativa Bélica and CJNG

were spread in social networks videos where they appear members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), with weapons and trucks in San Luis Potosí some artillery.

Given the viralization of the material, Jose Luis Ruiz Cortines, Attorney General of San Luis Potosístated that two investigation folders have already been opened on these events.

They took the time to pose for a photo

“… With the purpose, in the first place, to locate the spaces, the places where these messages were broadcast and where they were recorded, one had a result in the colony El Saucito in the northern part of the city and the other in the head of Mexquitic”, pointed out the state attorney.

In a video that circulates on social networks, a commando is seen surrounding the main square of Mexquitic with vans labeled with the acronym of the criminal group CJNG SLPin addition to members who are dressed in military green suits, tactical equipment and long weapons.

The subjects that appear in the video cheer various phrases such as: “Here we are patrolling Mexquitic”, “Pure Jalisco Cartel!”, while continuous music plays in the background.

The second investigation folder opened by the State Attorney General’s Office, together with the Republic’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR), is for links to organized crime.

The content of the videos and the progress of the folders was the subject of analysis at the Security Table held today in the capital of Potosí.

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