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Was my esthetician unprofessional?

I recently went in for my second ever in-office micro needling treatment, and the second time was a lot less painful than the first; even though the esthetician used 2 mm needles instead of just .7 mm like she did the first time. When I told her it hurt less the second she went “Really??!” and her shock was understandable considering 2 mm is a lot deeper than .7 mm…

Did the 2 mm hurt less because she possibly left the numbing cream on my face longer? It did feel like she did leave it longer the second time. Should I just ask for it to be on longer from now on or was it unprofessional of her to not leave it on long enough to begin with?

Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question, I just don’t know much about microneedling or estheticians and what’s considered normal or not.

Thanks in advance x

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  1. I think it always hurts more the first time because your Basically tearing tiny holes in your face for the first time, it helps with Collagen production because of the reaction. Everyone has Their own pain tolerance, I don’t think your Aesthetician was being unethical in anyway

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