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Wax strips worked on my face but not my boyfriend’s. Why?

So- I use wax strips that I got on Amazon. They’re GleeBee strips and they warm with body temp- so I just squeeze them and then wax my face and they work really well for me, a woman.

My boyfriend decided he wanted me to try them on him because he hates shaving- so I tried the strips on him.
I tried them on him as usual- but they came away with only a few of his hairs. I plucked what was left behind and it was REALLY thick and REALLY long under the skin.
They worked on his brow area but not on his chin/lip area. He specifically wants a non-shaving solution to his beard area and his upper lip.

Any idea why my wax strips didn’t work on his face- and any recommendations on what wax would work? I’m guessing I need something more heavy duty.

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Mary Johnson
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  1. Yeah generally a man’s facial hair will be more coarse than a women’s. You could try a sugar or honey wax or a wax that you melt yourself and use strips with. Pre-made strips will not be strong enough for that kind of hair.

    If he wants a more permanent solution he could go for laser hair removal (it’s on the pricey side but lasts technically forever and you can usually find Groupon deals)

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