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What do I do. I went through his insta and found him talking to tons of other girls…

K I need advice.. so my boyfriend has been lyin about little shit and always turning his phone away when he’s in instagram and he left his insta logged into my laptop… I looked thru and found he’s been hitting up a bunch of other girls. He went to france alone a couple months ago and he met a girl there who he may have spent the night with… I’m not sure. I asked abt him talkin to other chicks and he Deleted everything and lied abt it. Is it actually normal for guys in relationships to hit up other chicks for fun? We live together so there’s another layer to all this as well… I want to come clean and tell him that I saw everything but idk what it will do. I just feel like shit and I’m very confused as to what I should do. I still love him and he treats me good and loves me but now this?! Ugh what to do

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  1. He’s cheating on you. It’s not normal. It’s a betrayal of the core aspect of your relationship. I know it’s hard to untangle your life from his especially when you live together, but you deserve more!

  2. In my current 6 year relationship, I have never once had to worry about my boyfriend being unfaithful to me. He is not interested in talking to other women while we date and I can say that pretty darn confidently. No, it is not normal. If you are not okay with this behavior continuing, then it’s time to break up.

  3. What do you mean you don’t know what to do? Do you actually not know, or are you asking for advice? Because this just makes it seem like you’re insecure and have attachment issues. If someone treats you like this have some self worth and do the right thing by breaking up. Sounds harsh but damn girl here’s the advice you were looking for.

  4. You saw the objective reality. He lied to your face. No, it’s not “normal” for anyone to cheat on their partner.

    You should come clean. But what are you expecting to come from it? What’s your end game? You should already know that you need to leave and the conversation is just letting him know the deal.

    He treats you good? He loves you? You know that’s not true. You need to stop lying to yourself and respect yourself enough to walk away. Good luck.

  5. Dump him. It is not normal at all, if he’s doing this to you all you will get out of the relationship is being sad and upset. No relationship is worth being treated poorly, your happiness comes first.

  6. Why are you asking? You already know you need to break up. You’re just hoping someone tells you this relationship will work somehow so you don’t have to go through with it.

  7. If this is intolerable to you, you should leave now.

    If you want to turn a blind eye, you can do that, but this won’t change, and if you feel bad now, you’ll end up feeling bad the rest of the time you’re together. Do you want that?

  8. I’m sorry he really doesn’t love you. If you love someone you don’t cheat on them. This is cheating, even IF nothing physical has happened. He may like you a lot and is obviously comfortable with your living situation but he wants other women. It’s not about you. He’s an ass. Please don’t start a business or intertwine your finances with him. You don’t mention how long youve been living together for but cut your loses. He is not the one. Give him any more of your time and he’ll just break your heart more. Hugs

  9. Another one ..

    Fucking leave .. set your standards HIGH don’t put up with bull shit and disrespect … it’s actually
    not that hard .. Boundaries .. set them and stick to them and you’ll find the right person

  10. You live in a van on the side of a road with a cheating man who owes you money. His insta is the least of your worries. You need professional help to get your life together.

  11. Depends on what hitting up means.

    Having friends of the gender you’re attracted to can be pretty normal, depending on culture.

    This seems like the time to have a chat about boundaries and what you’re cool, or not cool with him doing with his friends.

    If I were made to choose between dumping half my friends or keeping my partner, I’d take my friends any day, and find a partner who trusts me.

    That said, lying about stuff is a no-go on his end.

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