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What would you like to know about cosmetics safety if you had a chance to talk to an expert and a beauty industry insider?

Hi! I work as a Cosmetics Safety Assessor for products sold in the European Union. My job is to verify if cosmetic products are compliant with EU regulations and if they can be considered safe for consumers. I have a feeling that cosmetics industry is not well-understood in terms of ingredients safety, risk evaluation, and scientific approach related to product’s safety. There are many myths flying around and it is hard to find a reliable source of scientific information. I would like to know if you agree with that. If so, what cosmetics safety topics would you like to be explained in a better way by the beauty industry? 🙂

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
I have been reading and writing for over 20 years. My passion is reading and I would like to someday write a novel. I enjoy exercise and shopping.


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  2. Chemical sources. I understand that some chemicals are good and all that, but I wish they listened where they came from. I have a brand of shampoo that listed the source (“derived from…”) after each ingredient and that made me feel better about using it.

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