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What’s the secret to getting nice smooth armpits like this woman?

I follow the “Yoga With Adriene” youtube channel because I like to do yoga from time to time and one thing I can’t help but notice is how smooth and completely hair-free this woman’s armpits are. Here are a couple of pictures as an example:



In these pictures, and on her youtube videos as well, her armpits have no trace of armpit hair or stubble. And no darkness whatsoever.

Does anyone know what the secret is? I would like to have nice, clean & stubble-free looking armpits like her, so that’s why I ask.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. i get my armpits waxed and do a detox mask and exfoliating on them on occasion that helps with dark spots and my armpits look pretty similar to that. she might have them lasered, but if you want something that isn’t a ton of money upfront, try waxing

  2. She probably had laser hair removal, but IPL treatments are a more affordable option. I use a Brain Silk expert pro 5 and was able to achieve similar results, but you have to have high contrast in between ur skin and hair color.

  3. I have a suggestion! Salicylic acid or any other exfoliation you would use on your face. I use Stridex and a few years ago started swiping my pits after finishing applying to my face. Now I don’t have any darkness!

  4. My dermatologist said it’s genetics mostly and build up antiperspirant that clogs your pores can cause discoloration and SHAVING. We cannot win, I have pigmented underarms and it’s my insecurity

  5. Omg I have been following her for years and just today when I was following one of her videos I noticed her armpits and thought to myself: those are some pretty armpits she has lol seriously I didn’t even say wow how does she get them so smooth and white? I literally thought those armpits are pretty lol
    I think laser maybe? I’ve been watching her and following her for years and today was the day I noticed her armpits.

  6. I love hair minimizing body lotions… I get one from Fur, or Gigi Slow Grow from Amazon which is half the price. You use them after shaving and it makes you way smoother, minimizes “dots”, and makes your shaving last a few days longer.

    You can also use them when you’re already stubbly to smooth things out!

  7. Laser hair removal is amazing, but pricey. I’ve been using an epilator forever as razors irritate my eczema. I’ve had laser done on my bikini area and underarms, but epilate everywhere else. I highly recommend.

  8. My armpits look like this and I do nothing special. I just have almost no hair there. This is in stark contrast to the rest of my body which is rather more baboon-like.

    Maybe she’s just lucky?

  9. Waxing, salicylic acid a few times a week, and a detox mask when I remember. Mine are nowhere near *that* smooth but infinitely improved compared to when I shaved. No bumps, discoloration, or under-the-skin shadow.

    Added bonus: I think salicylic acid stops your sweat from smelling? My pits never smell anymore.

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