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With 12 passengers, hot air balloon falls in Acolman

Tourists lived a distressing moment when they realized that the balloon was about to fall.

This Thursday morning, a hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing in the community of Santa María in the municipality of Acolman, State of Mexico, which caused twelve people to have a nervous breakdown.

According to the first versions, an aircraft belonging to the SKY BALLONS MÉXICO company suffered from inclement weather that caused it to lose control and a few meters later it collapsed, causing it to blow up.

In the area, paramedics from Civil Protection and Firefighters treated the passengers, including seven Mexicans and five foreigners, three of whom are from Costa Rica and two Americans.

Auxiliary authorities of the community were the first to attend to the emergency, waiting for the municipal police and Civil Protection, who arrived in the area minutes later.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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