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With 36 thousand million pesos, crime triples profits from floor collection

This type of extortion grows as criminals cannot compete against organized crime en masse.

These criminal groups have put aside the sale of narcotics, to expand the collection of land rights, which is more profitable for these organizations.

Reports from the federal government revealed that these criminal groups changed to this modality in order to extort money from the working sector such as ranchers, farmers, merchants, businessmen, municipal presidents and even beneficiaries of social programs.

Extortion already has a record incidence of crime and it is estimated that annual profits could reach 12 thousand million pesos in 2018 and rise to 36 thousand million pesos in 2021, all this, driven by the modality of collection of floor rights, by which the National Anti-extortion Commission is already preparing some initiatives.

In addition to this, they have deduced that the majority of intentional homicides in Mexico are due to the collection of flat rights.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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