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With shots fired into the air, the National Guard disperses a demonstration led by members of the CJNG in Ocotlan; Jalisco – .

A demonstration orchestrated by members of the CJNG in Ocotlán; Jalisco was dispersed with bullets in the air and tear gas, however and taking advantage of the issue of the militarization of the country, several media outlets, communicators and civilians have hung on it to set as an example what they say is going to happen throughout the country, let us remember that It is already a constant for drug traffickers to pay residents to carry out demonstrations taking advantage of any situation to confront the members of the Armed Forces so that Human Rights interfere and remove the elements from the squares where they do not allow organized crime, the media and others to do what they want against the forces They say they were demonstrating peacefully, although the videos show how they throw stones at the elements.

A group of people demonstrating outside the base of the National Guard in Ocotlán, Jalisco they were dissuaded by shooting in the air, according to videos circulating on social networks.

In the images you can also see the use of gases to disperse the protesters, who return the devices to the interior of the facilities.

Through the official accounts, the Government of Ocotlán confirmed “the attempted violence” on the Francisco Zarco-University Avenue and invited the population to avoid traveling through the place.

“The federal authority is already taking action on the matter, so we ask Ocotlenses not to expose themselves and take precautions.”

Until now (5:10 p.m.), authorities of the three government orders have not reported injured people, although the video of a person wounded by a bullet in the right hand is circulating on networks.

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