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Witness says El Chapo bribed a worker from Obrador’s 2006 campaign, but started working for the CDS in 2007 – .

A Colombian witness affirmed that El Chapo Guzman gave a bribe of 100 million dollars to Peñaothers by unknown quantities to Calderon Already a worker of the Campaign in 2006 of the now President López ObradorAlthough it will depend on the United States justice system to pay attention to him because after affirming that Calderón had received a bribe, he said that he did not remember having said that, what has been confirmed is that García Luna did work for the Sinaloa cartelIt is nonsense that Calderón was not aware of it, what he declared against him and then said that he does not remember it is nonsense, it was also in the mandate of Peña grandson where I know captured El Chapo regardless of the alleged bribe and that of not remembering who was given a millionaire bribe talking about Obrador’s 2006 campaign worker is not understandable, the problem is that the Colombian witness started working for the CDS in 2007, months later of the campaigns, make your conclusions.

In a trial in a federal court in New Yorka court document that was unsealed on Wednesday claims that the CDS paid bribes to former president Felipe Calderón and even former 2006 campaign worker (But don’t remember who) of the current president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


The corruption claim came just a day after the bombing, from the witness Alex Cifuentesa Colombian drug trafficker who worked with El Chapo from 2007 to 2013that the former president Enrique Peña Nieto tried to collect $250 million in bribes from Chapo Guzmán shortly after taking office in 2012.

The court document, which the US government tried to keep sealed, saying it was irrelevant to its case against El Chapohe was referring to a bribe paid by a brother of the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, Ismael Zambadato an unidentified man in the 2006 presidential campaign where now President López Obrador lost the presidency.

The El Chapo’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtmannalleged in his opening statement that “the current and former presidents of Mexico received hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes” from zambada.

As for Calderón, in a report with US authorities, Cifuentes would have spoken about how the former president had accepted bribes from a rival group of the Sinaloa cartel. But then Cifuentes testified that he did not remember saying anything about the bribery and Calderón.

On Tuesday, Cifuentes testified that Peña Nietowho left office in December, received $100 million of the $250 million that I had asked

Peña Nieto’s former spokesman called the accusations “false, defamatory and absurd.”

El Chapo was extradited to the US in 2017 to face charges of running the Sinaloa cartel, which became the main supplier of cocaine and other drugs in the United States.

Many Mexicans, the newspaper reported, said they will withhold judgment until they see evidence of the bribes. Many said drug traffickers in Mexico routinely make serious complaints to strike deals with prosecutors.

“Despite all his faults and flaws, Peña Nieto captured El Chapo and extradited him, knowing full well that any information would leak,” said Alejandro Hope, a security expert for a Mexican consulting firm. “The guy was being persecuted from the day he 1 of the Peña Nieto administration”.

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