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Women And Hair Thinning/Rogaine

Hello all.

*tl;dr: how many women/celebrities ever use things (like Rogaine) to mask hair thinning? Any tips from the beauty sub?*

I’m new here. Normally I’d go to the female hair loss sub, but I want a more general view of this issue.

Sadly, I’m one of the many unlucky who got covid (very severely) and has been suffering hair loss ever since. My hair has always been my crowning glory. It’s my signature. Big, naturally curly, lovely color. It’s maybe the one really good looking thing I just naturally have…or had.

I got TE (Telogen effluvium) after covid. I was starting to recover, but then was hit with a second, third, forth shed. Supposedly once you have TE, it’s much more likely to have it repeatedly. I also have a family history of hair thinning. Most of the women in my family get hit with hair thinning at some point, but mine has happened earlier/is a lot more apparent because of the constant triggered sheddings.

I’m starting Rogaine next month to get a hold of things now. My dermatologist said that I’m having TE again, but it wouldn’t hurt to start Rogaine now if I want to maintain my hair/have regrowth.

I’m curious, how many women do you think regularly use Rogaine and just don’t talk about it?

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  1. I have had incredible results with Rogaine! My hair thinning is genetic, I have no vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems, I drink enough water, eat food that is healthy for hair nails and skin and take supplements too but the front part of my hair was thinking very visibly. I started Rogaine (5% solution) and while the initial shedding was scary it completely stopped after 4 months and now my front is completely covered with hair, all my baby hair has turned into thick regular hair, my hair parts are tighter and even my forehead looks smaller with all the new growth.

    Go ahead and use it after you speak to your GP, it’s a commitment but it’s worth it in my opinion and since Rogaine is the only proven thing that regrows hair I wouldn’t be surprised to know that most women celebrities use the hell out of it to maintain their manes as they grow older.

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  2. I think a lot! I have some traction alopecia because of tight braids I wore for 30 years. There was just a NYTimes article about how fantastic oral rogaine is! Doctors realized a low dose pill works better than the topical version! I’m so excited-I have an appointment in a few weeks with my Dermie to talk about this.

  3. I had a lot of hair thinning… partially due to genetics and naturally thin hair and partially due to my diet / medical issues my hair was in really poor condition and falling out like crazy.
    I didn’t use rogaine but would do it.
    Once I fixed my diet / other medical stuff as well as use rice water and rosemary spray for my hair, basically every hair spray and wash etc etc that advertised as “for thinning hair, hair regrowth etc”
    luckily my hair is better…. still use some products but I think thinning hair especially since covid it’s very common

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