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Would cooking lessons as a Christmas present for my wife be in bad taste?

My wife is a (self admitted) horrible cool. I cook 99 percent of our meals at home, she cooks the other 1%, but burns and doesn’t season anything. She knows she’s terrible.

I’m 28 and she’s 32.

Recently we were talking about our relationship and I mentioned that I wish she would cook a little more so I don’t have to all the time. She said she should take cooking lessons and I said that sounds like a good idea.

Would getting her cooking lessons/enrolled in a call for Christmas be kind of like buying her a vaccum cleaner or other things of that nature? I feel like cooking lessons would be for her as much as me, but I don’t know if it could come off wrong.

TLDR: wife is a horrible cook, wondering if buying her cooking lessons would be like buying a vaccum or broom.

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  1. As a Christmas present?

    Dude no.

    As a general thing you both can do together (not even in the form of outside lessons)? That’s a winner.

    Why don’t you teach her and get her to participate in the making of meals? The bonding aspect alone ought to be a strengthener of your relationship but as a Christmas gift?

    You hit it on the money when you said it’s akin to buying someone who’s horrible at cleaning a hoover.

    Christmas and birthdays aren’t for things like that; middle of the month random surprises are.

  2. NO! Cooking lessons is a chore unless it’s her passion, and it obviously isn’t. And as you said it would also be a gift for you too – and it’s not a gift if it’s for you too.

    If she actually wants cooking lessons, they need to be paid for out of the regular budget.

    But – some people just suck at cooking. Might be a better plan to even it out with something else. Like she always does the dishes or some other chore that makes up for that.

  3. If cooking is not something she enjoys, then yes, that would be like buying her a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively buy cooking lessons to do as a couple for something fun, like learn Italian food & wine.

  4. Couples cooking classes are fun actually. My wife and I are both pretty excellent at cooking, but we still take classes to cook interesting recipes. I think if you bought *her* cooking classes, it would seem kind of insulting, but if you get classes for you both to go cook together, it is more of a fun activity where you learn something rather than a class for just her.

  5. Speaking as a wife. I’d only like that if we were doing the classes together and make it a bonding experience. Maybe you could give her a couple of different date night experiences as Christmas gifts. Cooking night. Paint night. Pottery night. Paint ball night. Escape room night for example. So it’s not all about her bad cooking.

  6. That‘s very bad and mean. Don‘t buy her something that‘s for you. Buy her something that‘s for her only. Or do you want her to get you a good vibrator gor Christmas?

  7. If you’re going to do this, do cooking lessons for BOTH of you. Even if you know how to cook already, if you both do it then it’s a fun group activity and bonding experience. If she does it on her own, I imagine it would be less fun for her.

    But whether or not you SHOULD do this at all is another story. You don’t need cooking lessons to know to put seasoning on your food or to tell you to monitor your food so it doesn’t burn. Are you sure she’s not doing a crappy job of cooking because she just doesn’t want to cook? Do you believe her desire to learn to cook better is genuine, or is she just telling you that

  8. I second doing this as something to do together – it’s a bonus that you know what she’s referring to when she tries at home. Is there anything else that she’s good at that you could also do lessons with her or ask her to teach you as a ‘reciprocal’ gesture? Like I’ll go to cooking lessons with you and you can do blah with me in return?

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  10. what if you got couples cooking classes? even though you don’t need it, you might learn something new and then it’s a fun date for you and your wife instead of just her being sent to be a better housewife

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