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You Need To Be “Fake” To Be Considered Beautiful?!

Literally, the people that be fake are the ones that are praised as beautiful on social media. I’m not one to judge but nowadays every girl looks the same. It’s almost like you need to look like a doll to be considered good-looking. Big lips, perfect curvy body, makeup on fleek, always wearing expensive stuff/using expensive stuff. I feel like social media has ruined the standard of beauty. It’s just sad to see that only fake women are seen as beautiful. So many ppl are getting surgeries every day just to fit in. I wish ppl could just praise natural beauty and not something fake. You see all these women on social media that all look the same and then you have young girls thinking they aren’t pretty enough because they don’t look “Fake”. Now, I know not every woman is fake. There are natural beauties out there as well but most of the women on social media are fake.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. Delete social media and go out into the world. See normal people. I spent so long on Instagram and tiktok, didn’t leave my house due to depression and I was clouded by this idea too. I thought everyone looks the same, that’s because the alghorithm pushes the same shit you click on over and over to you. You won’t see any deviations. Basically, the standard only exists online, the more you stay away from your phone the more you realize that everything we do online is fake, not just looks. Really there is no standard in the real world as much as online.

    Plus the fake look is really unattractive in person and that seems to be the consensus among people I’ve talked to.

  2. Idk i get what you’re saying, and for awhile I believed it too, but like another commenter said, if you delete social media and go out in the real world you’ll realize that it’s not true at all. You see people with all those features you listed, and they aren’t always the prettiest in the room. poses and filters will do a lot for you in pictures, but irl you can really see someone’s features. You subconsciously will add or subtract beauty points without even knowing it by seeing how they move, they act, they smell, they smile, etc.

    Like I’ve met people at that beauty standard that actually stunk, or were rude, or had really awkward physical body language that I didn’t consider them beautiful at all.

    I’ve also met people that were the complete opposite of every social media standard – big nose, overweight, had acne, etc etc and I was still absolutely blown away by their beauty.

    Like I saw this girl the other day, she was a little overweight, wasn’t super curvy and she had an indented big nose and I noticed it because I was like wow, she’s so beautiful and she DOESNT EVEN FIT THE “STANDARD”. It made me realize you don’t need a tiny button nose to be pretty. Just an example. You’ll come to the realization too when you get off the internet.

  3. Thankfully my algorithm on social media is home decor, animals, plants, dances from different cultures, and funny things.
    I dress my own way and whomever likes what they see when I go out, good for us.

  4. I find that these people only look good in photos, I swear the majority of them get fillers and use filters just to look good on social media. Sure, there are people who think its more attractive but do you really care what those people think if THAT is what they like? Social media is fake. Its an illusion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I promise that social media image is what the majority don’t actually think is beautiful.

  5. Friend, I think you need to take a breather. Get of the internet for a bit because this feels a bit much.

    Look trends will always exist. They come and go constantly and that will never change. There will always be popular looks that a good majority of people will try to emulate.

    I promise in the real world, far from what you believe, not everyone looks the same. There are a wide variety of aesthetics out there. You are just used to seeing the popular trends online, so you subconsciously notice them over others.

    Also, just a personal thing for me. While I agree, that natural beauty is a gift and should be appreciated. I think it’s wrong to talk down to those who get cosmetic stuff done to feel beautiful. If doin stuff like that makes them happy, I don’t see the big deal. Using the word “fake” like you are just idk rubs me the wrong way. It feels like an attempt to knock those like that down.

    I hope you know that this comes from a sympathetic place as I also struggle with my appearance in comparison to things I see online. You are beautiful as you are. And you shouldn’t let the internet(and the things you may see on it) dictate to you your own worth.

  6. I don’t get why the trend started for young women and girls to get fillers. I was shocked to find out fillers can actually be done well because so many of the YouTubers from about 10 years ago got so many fillers they looked permanently swollen.

  7. No. I don’t even find the girls you are talking about beautiful. But beautiful women exist in real and in all form. You need to go out and touch some grass.

  8. It might also be the algorithm popping up those accounts for you. If you’re lingering a second longer on those pictures or you follow similar accounts, it’ll keep showing up for you. Maybe you’d need to do a cleaning of your social media and follow opposite accounts based on your specific interests

  9. Go to the waterpark to see people in their natural state. Seriously. A bathing suit in midday sun leaves no room for angles or camouflage. You see skin textures. Eyelash extensions and hair pieces will stick out like a sore thumb. Makeup, if intact, will be super obvious.

  10. I agree that a specific type of beauty is consistently pushed on social media, to the point where girls that don’t look like that get no attention online.

    I know this is easy to say but I think there’s something so beautiful about natural beauty. The current beauty standard is pretty but the way people look naturally is prettier. Small lips and big noses look suit some people so well, for example. Everyone is perfect the way we are, even if we may be self critical of ourselves.

  11. You could open a newspaper from the 1800s and see men complaining about women being fake and deceitful. About women trying to trick men into thinking she’s beautiful by chasing the current fashions.

    Criticism against women is nothing new.

  12. Used to feel this way until I got off Instagram. It’s kind of the nature of some social media to be “fake” and praise this type of being. There’s nothing wrong with being fake or on fleek on your online profile. Some people like others who look that way as beauty is subjective so they will get praise. When you spend alot of time on media you start to think its more objective and if you don’t put yourself in this box you aren’t good enough. Just remember that this is just the way of social media it can get very competitive when it comes to beauty. If you feel yourself getting sucked into this mindset I’d take a break tbh because you just need to be you to be beautiful the praise doesnt matter. ❤

  13. To use your own terms, the problem with “fake” vs “natural beauties” is that it limits feeling beautiful to the lucky few the same way “fake” beauty is often limited to those with money. Either way it is exclusionary.

    Regardless, I think you may be stuck in your head too much. I promise you that not only girls who look the way you’ve described are seen as beautiful. Everyone has their own preferences and the mood of the nation is exactly that, a passing mood. 30 years ago everyone was obsessed with having slim hips and broad shoulders, 20 years ago everyone wanted extremely thin pencil eyebrows, 10 years ago most people wanted to be tan and damaged their skin to do so.

    Yes, there are certain things that have always been considered attractive over the past few decades as well and yes, moderate symmetry is something we are hard wired to seek out. But even then, a mild lack of symmetry is often more attractive and if you look at actual “perfect symmetry” you start to enter the uncanny valley.

    It’s a touchy subject. On one hand we hype up the current trends to a point where they often cloud people’s judgment. Some will think that whatever is in style is “true beauty” until eventually the next phase comes along. It can be easy to feel inadequate based of the hype and put loads of effort into conforming to it.

    On the other hand, I love that medical science, skin care, make up, etc. have given us the ability to shape ourselves to our own image. It is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin and when you truely can’t get past something, when it really does make you miserable, I think the ability to alter it and make yourself happy is incredible and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. This, however, is the exact reason it is so important to explore what you like about yourself and not let others dictate what you don’t. You don’t like something about yourself? That is entirely your opinion and if changing it helps that is wonderful. Someone else doesn’t like something about yourself? Well, it’s not their body and if you aren’t 100% certain you share the same opinion, changing it could be something you can’t undo that you seriously regret, it could turn into one of those things you don’t like about yourself.

    Social media can have a very negative impact on some and being rash can make it 10x worse. It’s an ever changing conundrum, a question with a constantly evolving answer, an answer that, even when it seems stagnant, varies from person to person.

    The overwhelming probability is, 20 years from now, many of us will be shocked that people actually preferred <insert random current beauty trend> back in 2022.

  14. Yep this is why I have really been into skin care and taking care of my body. It doesn’t matter how much filler or cosmetic surgeries you get, eventually we all age. I have a theory that all of the people getting surgeries like crazy will look really strange as they age. I’d rather put that money towards facials and high end skincare. I’m not against plastic surgery like I’d really like to get my boobs done in a year or two, it’s something I’ve thought about for years. I think people get addicted and don’t think through their choices.

  15. But have you looked at old years books from the 90s and older? I’ve looked through my parents’ from like the 60-70s and I can not tell the difference between anyone. I think these days it’s definitely a bit more relaxed, but the “popular” people 100% all look a certain way & it 100% sucks.

  16. I agree, it’s very sad.

    Not only does it make me sad to see young women making changes to their body because of beauty standards, it also makes me sad what social media has done to womens confidence and expectations.

    I did an MUA course a few years ago because I was so passionate about makeup however doing that course completely destroyed my passion for it. I realised how much instagram makeup has overtaken enhancing natural beauty. I just couldn’t get on board with the heavy makeup looks most people wanted. I just felt my services wouldn’t be wanted as I am a true believer in enhancing your natural features.

    Trends at present have changed and more natural looks are desired but for how long?

    I hope that things change however I can only see the normalisation of cosmetic surgery in young people increasing with time as social media and influencers continue to be in the spotlight.

  17. Sorry to repeat what everyone else has suggested but seriously, delete social media.

    Your life becomes a lot less complicated, more real, and I have to say personally, I’ve become more content and comfortable of who I am.

    Let them do what they gotta do on there, but put your phone down and go see the real world out there. Most don’t look like anything they post on social media, it’s hilarious and sad.

  18. I visited the US recently and because of social media I expected most women to look like you just described, OP. However, it was so refreshing to see regular, wholesome people. You could say there was a difference from coast to coast, but overall pretty much 85% of the people out in public were un-fake

  19. What everyone else is saying, too much social media.

    I’m friends with some girls who’ve taken the step to look like those filters on Snapchat and IG and they don’t look nearly as good irl. It’s fucking sad they’ve wasted thousands of dollars in lip fillers and cheek implants to look like a bratz doll filter.
    That standard of beauty isn’t worth it imo

  20. Humans have always been trying to fit in and have done fake things as much as technology would allow.

    Look historically at people that extend their necks with those rings. Or put plates in their bottom lips. Pierces through facial features. Wraps their feet to make them smaller. Corsets that squeeze and displace organs. Milk and bread diet to get curvier. Make up with lead in it to appear whiter. All these women woulda done plastic surgery if they could have. It’s just that we can access it now.

    It is true the internet is making things worse and we can compare ourselves globally. Before we could be the cutest girl in two counties. Now we know we ain’t shit compared to a good chunk of models as we can access their profiles online.

  21. It is sad. I personally like looking as natural as possible (only foundation and mascara for makeup and I never use filters on any social media website) but sometimes I do catch myself wishing that I had a perfectly flat stomach and frizz free, silky hair. I stay away from Instagram and TikTok for that reason. I can be happy without that Gucci purse and those lip fillers. I’ve learned to be happy with my own life. I just wish there were more natural people on social media.

  22. Honestly I have always thought this is true. Back even before tik tok and instagram when I was in my teens and early twenties, my guy friends would point out girls to me that they thought were hot (I’m a lesbian), and it was always the most made-up/fake looking girl in the room with like fake tan, hair extensions, false lashes, shit-tonne of make-up etc. I honestly think men just aren’t as aware of that stuff as women are so just don’t see it when they look at a woman and think it is all natural or something, even though it s like super obvious to me. Or they’ve just been trained by media into thinking that this is what’s attractive.

    Made me kinda sat back then, and I imagine it is way worse now with social media and just more and more stuff you can do to make yourself look good. But I think it’s a real shame as women are basically learning that in order to look good you have to change your natural self more and more.

    Not everyone feels like this though! I’ve always preferred a more natural look, on myself and others, and I think my friends and family would be similar. Just need to stay away from social media/magazines and spend time with real people.

    And glad to see it discussed here too, there are still come fans of natural beauty out there 🙂

  23. Stephanie Lange on youtube made me feel so much better about “beauty” standards, I never felt pretty enough or skinny enough to even hold a candle to all these girls on SM and it’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. It’s exhausting to try to keep up with it all, a SM detox is just what the doctor ordered <3

  24. I agree and it’s sad young women are influenced by this. I know every generation has had unrealistic beauty influences, but there’s something so unwholesome about this one. It doesn’t bother me, I suppose I know better. But for young impressionable women who do struggle with it, it scares me!

  25. The way I look at it, I create art on my eyelids every single day. I’m an artist, I get lost in outer space or connect with Mother Nature when I do my makeup and pretty much all of my looks are random and inspired by either each day. It’s my daily escape and morning meditation, I don’t even think about myself when I’m doing makeup because I’m really that lost.

    As for talking selfies and the such, I have no excuses for that lol I take too many…

  26. I find it sad that people think they need to portray themselves a certain way on social media just to “fit in” some unattainable beauty standard. No one actually looks like that IRL.

  27. This is a phase…curves and big butts are having their day! And so is contouring, filler lips, and false eyelashes. It will pass eventually and a new beauty phase will replace it. Do some digging in the 80’s and 90’s for some non-fake beauty trends. Also, you’d never see Gisele or Gigi looking “fake”, right?? Maybe fill your feed with beauties with attainable makeup styles.

  28. I once I read a comment where I girl said that she is having a self image problem, because she used so many filtera on her pics and Photoshop that she doesn’t recognize herself in real life anymore, this is scary! I just hate this while thing, people will end up mad in the near future.

  29. I’m so bad at doing makeup, so I just stick with eyeliner mascara and maybe a tinted lip balm

    I love me some cute ass outfits but I also hate the work I’m expected to put into my makeup and hair as well, I just wanna wear the cute dress mannnn

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